Vanessa SD 46 Magnetic Tracklight 308 Module

ماژول سیلندری ترک لایت مگنتی ونسا SD به قطر 3 سانتیمترو ارتفاع 8 سانتیمتر
Vanessa SD 46 Magnetic Tracklight 308 Module

Product Details

  • Type :

    multi track
  • Application :

  • Width:

    30 mm
  • Height :

    80 mm
  • Length :

    135 mm
  • Body color :

  • Power :

    7 w
  • Exposure :

    1100 lm
  • Input voltage :

  • Options :

  • CRI :

  • Sale Unit :

  • PRICE :

Product Description:

VANESSA SD SPOTLIGHT MAGNETIC MODULE is a magnetic module with mounting to VANESSA XM magnetic rail, suitable for galleries, museums, homes, offices, hotels, commercial sites and other premises. Spot lights are ideal for highlighting objects and architectural details in any space. Modular LED luminaires are mounted anywhere along the power rail to accentuate the lighting objects. When the system needs to be upgraded, only the lamps can be replaced.


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