plain lights

Surface lights are a wide range of ambient lighting that include a wide range of products such as plain light, light boxes, panels, etc. The angle of light dispersion and the free design in the shape of light sources have made them one of the most popular modern lighting methods.

plain lights
Facade lights

Nowadays, building facade design at night has gained special importance. Therefore, this illumination in the field of design and facade lighting is fully specialized. Various lighting resources, including linear facade lights, wall washers, projectors, etc., are included in this area and all must have an IP67 rating.

Facade lights
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Novin choob HQ

Novin Choob Industrial Group has achieved a distinguished position in the wood industry by utilizing innovation and relying on the research of its engineering departments. They exclusively offer the best and most reputable brands of wood industry machinery in the world and provide advanced after-sales support services alongside the best industrial advice. Their headquarters, located in Ahmadabad Mostofi, features a modern space with various lights from the Modular Pro company.


We have organized the lights into different FAMILIES based on their shared properties, capabilities, and compatibility, making it easier for you to choose the perfect lighting solution for your specific needs.

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Contains brief information of all families, technical sheets, modules and features related to each family.

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